A Gallery of Ethiopic Fonts

Computer fonts are digital art. This page attempts to present a gallery of this art. Some of this art is free to use without restriction, some require purchase, and others may be used freely for non-commerical purposes. Please respect these license of use and consider supporting the artists behind the work.

Fonts will contain different numbers of letters and other symbols. When selecting a font, it can be helpful to know which languages are supported by it. The tables here present some useful statistics on the coverage of the fonts with respect to the Unicode Standard, which in turn includes the past and presently used letters. Coverage is alo indicated for only the presently used letters of the “Modern Geʾez” syllabary.

A more detailed table presents the coverage by Unicode "blocks".

For an excellent historical review of Ethiopic typography, see “The Ethiopic Writing Sytem: A Typographic Approach” by Jérémie Hornus.

OpenSouce & Free Fonts Download

The fonts that are free to share have been prepared in archive files that may be downloaded from the “Legally Free Geʾez Fonts” companion project.

Fonts by License Type

OpenSource Fonts

Free to Use and Redistribute Fonts

Free to Use but Not Redistribute Fonts

Shareware Fonts

Commercial Fonts

Historical Fonts

Fonts with an Unknown License

The fonts in this section have missing vendor and license information in internal font fields.